This journal is unique, as it has been designed to allow you to personalise it in any way you want, to ensure you achieve your goals and live your dreams. Space has been left for you to record your objectives and aspirations, make notes and doodle.

Get creative. Use the markers on each page to divide up the boxes as you wish. Colour in the boxes or add flourishes and borders, or even stick in a photo or an image.

The journal can be started at any time, and will see you through 52 weeks of mindfulness and reflection. There is a 52-week planner, with space for long-term goals and objectives; 13 four-week planners, helping you to break those goals down into achievable tasks; and 52 weekly planner and reflection pages, where you can write your tasks and review your week.

How to use this journal:
1. Think about what long-term goals or objectives you would like to achieve over the next 52 weeks – this could be realising a dream, planning an adventure or starting a new hobby. We have included some suggestions on the next page to get you started. 
2. Next you need to break down these goals into smaller parts that can be achieved over each four-week period – this could be research, training or joining a club. You can also use these sections to plan things you would like to do to create a more balanced and fulfilling life
3. Use these four-week plans to help structure your weekly schedules – with the aim of completing your objectives. The weekly planners can also be used for short-term goals and practical day-to-day organisation. You could include reminders, tasks or objectives to help increase levels of happiness and wellbeing. See our suggestions on the next page. 
4. Adjacent to the weekly planner you will find space to reflect at the end of each week. Here you could consider what am I grateful for? What could I have done better? What has made me happy? One of the boxes could be used to summarise your week in one word. Use the daily tracker to monitor your progress and help you on your way 
to completing your end goal.
5. Lists are great for recording feelings and experiences – and for aiding reflection. At the back of your journal we have included a few pages that can be used throughout the 52-week period to record these things. 

And finally. . .
The most important thing is to enjoy the process. Writing a journal should be creative and relaxing, so if you are finding it a chore, change the way you’re working. Look forward to your journal time. Use different colours, draw pictures, add stickers, and ask questions that apply to your journey. Don’t be afraid to alter your goals if they no longer seem relevant. 

Use your journal to help you think of the big picture – while also enjoying the moment.

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